A question many have asked and few have had the opportunity to find an answer, hopefully in this post on how to restart uverse router will have a chance to explain it further. First and foremost like many things it is often simpler then you may of thought in the first place as simple as pressing a button, but for a better option and what I used in order to access all my data to reboot the entire system;

  1. You need to access the Administrative Panel, usually available @ by typing that address in the browser input box at the top. Now it also matters if your network is entirely wireless, and to follow this tutorial the best approach is to insure there is a host system a primary computer that is directly connected to the router via a Wired Connection as the router does not have to deal with any other problems that seem to occur with wireless and can access the Administrative Panel easily. As well as effectively, as you want to make sure you are directly connected when you follow these steps as when they are finished everything will be down for a moment wireless included.
  2. Once you have connected a host computer to the router using Cat5e or Cat6 cable, which can be found at most Computer stores, you can be sure the connection is solid, now it also depends on your system or Operating System, for this tutorial I am using Windows XP Professional on a computer that was in the same room as the router connected via Cat6 cable with an integrated Wired Connection on the system.  You may also need to do some simple setup often expedited with the Windows Wizard to set it up and use the connection.
  3. When everything is set and the wizard completes and shows you as connected you can then proceed to open your chosen browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or what have you) and type which should bring you to an administrative panel. From this administrative Panel navigate to Device>View Details where you will then see a link to restart the system. A note of warning, when you click this link the entire uverse network in your home will be down for a matter of 5-10 minutes or so while everything restarts, meaning;
    1. No Phone – If you chose to Switch your voice line to Uverse
    2. No Internet – Since it is completely based on the Uverse Router, though if you followed the steps outlined you should still have the wired connection in place though not operational when the system resets.
    3. No Cable – Not even Basic Cable, so by any standards you will pretty much be in complete silence during the reset of the Uverse Router.
  4. Once it is all said and done, and everything is reset I would recommend restarting your computers though they should work fine after the system resets and you should be back inline and everything should be operational.

As that is the procedure I followed and happily once it was all done and complete, Uverse was live and everything was working well again, though I would also suggest that you use this tutorial as a last resort only and try turning on and off the devices and the like beforehand just in case it can be solved without the downtime.  Consider the decision to restart the entire system as a last resort, though I am sorry to say it is more likely when the software that runs your Set Top Box is Windows Based, it will eventually require a reset simply because Windows CE that runs the set top box is still Microsoft.

The hope is in time AT&T will be able to improve the uptime of their system as more and more people move from early adopters to accepted by the community as a solid alternative to companies such as Comcast or whomever is the conglomerate in your area. Otherwise I do hope this was helpful because I imagine as more people adopt it, there is always going to be challenges and really sometimes that is the best solution.

If you have any other questions I can try and answer go ahead and leave it in a comment, will see if the solutions can be found … And if you enjoyed this Article Please Subscribe to Our Feed and share it with those who you know who may also be having problems with AT&T Uverse.